Adult Education

Adults who do not have their High School Diploma are eligible to take classes to get a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (CSSD) (which is the same as a high school diploma) after taking and passing the GED or HiSET exams (these exams test to see if applicants have academic skills in basic subject areas). To receive a CSSD there are various requirements, since these requirements can change it is best to go to an GED provider to find out the exact requirements to enroll. Some possible requirements are:

  • You must be over the age of 18

  • You must be be a resident of Pennsylvania

  • You cannot have a secondary school diploma from the U.S.

  • You are not in a public, licensed private, registered accredited or licensed nonpublic secondary school

  • You have earned a passing score on all subtests in the same language of a high school equivalency test.

Once you obtain this diploma you are able to enroll in college classes if you desire to.

There are community colleges such as Northampton Community College and Lehigh Carbon Community College, both of which offer a wide variety college courses that are offered at a lower price than private/public universities. The credits obtained at a community college can often be transferred to a four year university if you decide to transfer. These colleges also have noncredit classes you can take if you just want to better your skills.

There are several four year universities in the area:

  • Cedar Crest College (all girls)

  • Lehigh University

  • Moravian College

  • Muhlenberg College.

For these colleges there are certain entrance requirements that must be met to gain admission, be sure to check online for the exact requirements of each school before applying. These schools have scholarships, grants, and loans that make paying tuition easier and many outside scholarships that you can applied to. Both the admission and financial aid offices are happy to help you should you have any questions regarding admissions or financial aid.

If you have college credits from a university in another country, you will need to get them certified by WES. This certification from WES shows that your degree/credits is accepted and this makes applying for a job or further schooling easier. If you cannot get the documents to be certified by WES then you will need to get a GED and re-enroll in university classes to obtain a degree that is recognized by employers.