There are many different types of counseling services offered in the United States. Counseling is where a trained professional will help you work through issues that might be personal, social or psychological. They can help you manage tough situations and are there to talk about any challenges you’ve had in your life either in the past or present. Pinebrook Family Answers is a counseling center that is located in Allentown. If you qualify for Medicaid then you will not have to pay for counseling services. You can ask your social worker if you qualify for Medicaid. Below is a list of counseling services that are offered by Pinebrook Family Answers. Please call 610-432-3919 to see what services are available and if your insurance plan covers treatment.

  • Therapy Services

    • Group

    • Family

    • Individual

  • Psychiatric Services

    • Psychiatric Evaluations

    • Medication Management

  • Family-based Mental Health Services

  • Integrated Behavioral Health

  • School-based Counseling Services

  • Employee Assistance Program

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