Female Hygiene



It is important that girls and women who have started their menstrual cycles have the proper supplies to take care of themselves. Menstrual pads and tampons can be purchased at local convenience stores or grocery stores. These supplies can be expensive but planned parenthood and women's centers typically offer these supplies for free. Pads and tampons provide instructions on how to use them and it is important to follow these instructions and to change them frequently. A pad or tampon can be worn for about 4-8 hours before it needs to be changed but this depends on the flow of your period and on your body. Pads and tampons can be disposed of in trash bins but should not be flushed in the toilet. It is important to clean yourself in the shower with warm water and soap. It is also important to wash your underwear after each use. Women should also see a gynecologist who can examine them and make sure that they are healthy. These appointments typically occur twice a year. You can find a list below with local gynecologists. 

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