There are many options for healthcare in the Lehigh Valley.

  • The main doctors people see are General Practitioners or Family doctors, who can refer you to specialist if  needed.

  • People also see Dentists regularly to ensure that their teeth are healthy.

At the dentist's office you sit in the chair when they call you back and you follow the instructions they give to you. If you are uncomfortable tell your dentist and they can work to fix this. Sometimes your gums will bleed because of the procedure the dentist is doing, they will let you know ahead of time.

In order to schedule a regular check-up with a doctor it is necessary to call in advance to schedule an appointment. The receptionist will work to find a time that fits the doctor’s schedule and works for you. If you find yourself suddenly, but not seriously ill, many offices have walk in hours where you are able to walk-in and see a doctor without an appointment.

    In the event of a medical emergency call 911 to have an ambulance come to help you. The ambulance will provide medical care on the way to the hospital and get you admitted directly to the E.R. If you are able to get yourself to the E.R., once you arrive you walk up to the front desk, tell them your problem, fill out the forms they give you on your medical history and wait to be seen.

    The two main hospitals in the Allentown area are St. Luke’s Hospital (1736 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18104)  and Lehigh Valley Hospital (1627 W Chew St, Allentown, PA 18104). These hospitals also have other locations in the surrounding towns, so if an emergency ever arises go to the hospital located closest to you.

    An important note about calling 911, this call is free, it can be made from phones from all service providers, and has no service code that must be used with it.