In the United States there are a variety of holidays that are celebrated. There are many different religions in the country that celebrate different holidays. It is common to receive days off from work and school for religious or national holidays.

On December 31st, people celebrate a holiday called New Year's Eve. This is a holiday to celebrate the last day of the year. People usually have parties late at night and then wait until 12 a.m. to celebrate the start of a new year. This is generally celebrate with fireworks and loud noises. January 1st is called New Year's Day and many people will have off from school and work. 


In December kids will usually receive 1-2 weeks off of school for a Winter break. This break generally falls over the Christian holiday called Christmas. Christmas takes place every year on December 25th. Most places will be closed on Christmas day so be aware. People celebrate Christmas with evergreen trees, Santa Claus and presents.

On February 14th, people celebrate a day called Valentine's Day. This is a day where people, usually couples, celebrate their love for each other. It is common for people to exchange gifts such as chocolate and flowers. Children typically bring small cards our chocolates to school to share with their classmates.

On October 31st, Americans celebrate a holiday called Halloween. People do not get off from school or work for this holiday. It is celebrated by children of all ages dressing up in costumes and going door to door to ask for candy, this is called trick or treating. Many people will also carve pumpkins.

In November, the American holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated and some people will be off from work and school. This holiday is typically celebrated with a large family gathering and a big meal.

Other common holidays include Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. These holidays are all specific to the United States and are celebrated by wearing red,white and blue. It is typical to hear fireworks going off during these holidays.