How to enroll a child in school

To enroll your child in the Allentown School District you will need an Enrollment Package that contains all the necessary forms for enrollment. These packets can be picked up at any of the district schools or downloaded from the Allentown School District website. Along with the filled out forms from the packet at the time of the enrollment you should bring the following documents. If you do not have these documents bring the information you have to the school and they will work with you to get your child enrolled:

  • Proof of Birth, a few examples are a birth certificate, green card or passport.

  • Proof of residency, some accepted forms are a utility bill or a driver’s license.

  • Affirmation of prior discipline record, which is a statement from the parent or guardian about the child’s prior disciplinary record.

  • Proof of vaccinations with dates of when they were given.

Bring all the completed forms and necessary information to the school that your child will be attending in order to enroll them.