How to Get a Cell Phone



Purchasing a cell phone is a good way to stay in contact with friends and family, and a useful device to have in case of emergency situations. There are different types of cell phone plans you can buy such as prepaid phone plans where you pay by the month or by the minute or long term contract plans. For prepaid cell phones you do not have to go through a credit check, because you pay upfront month to month. There are large carriers that have prepaid options, or you can get a prepaid phone from smaller carriers or stores such as Walmart.

If you do not want a prepaid phone you will have to buy a phone from a service provider with a long term contract. This normally means having to pass a credit score check, which shows whether you are a dependable borrower and will pay your bills on time. Once you pass the credit score you can sign up for a number of different plans offered by the provider, ranging from small data plans to large family sharing plans. If you do not have a good credit score but still want to have a long term contract plan some providers will allow to start a contract if you pay a deposit for each phone line that you open. This means you will have to pay money to the company for every phone that you want to have. The money will be returned to you after a set period of time if you have paid your bills on time every month.

Most standard cell phones plans only include calling within the U.S., this means that your phone may be unable to make international calls or be able to but have it cost money. Many service providers offer international plans that allow for calling and texting and a better rate than calling for your domestic plan. Many cell phones sold in the U.S. are locked, which means that they cannot be used overseas with a different SIM Card. If you want to use your cellphone overseas be sure to ask for an unlocked cell phone before you purchase it. By purchasing an unlocked cell phone you can buy a SIM Card from another country and use your regular phone once the SIM Card is put in.

When buying a cell phone be sure to shop around to see which service provider will offer you the best deal and save you the most money. Do not let the salesman pressure you into buying a cell phone that you do not want. You are free to ask questions and gather information about the cell phone plans and then not buy one. Take your time and make the decision that will be best for you.