The Allentown Public Library is located at 1210 W Hamilton Street and is a great resource for both children and adults. Here you are able to check out books and movies so you can take them home to read and watch them. To do this you need a library card; to get one you need to have valid identification that proves that you live in the Allentown area. Once you have this card you are able to rent out materials, and even get materials from other libraries. 
Services the Allentown Library offers:

  • Renting out books and movies

  • Computer classes to learn computer basics, such as Microsoft Word.

  • Game nights

  • Book readings

  • Children’s summer reading program

  • Computers and free wifi

  • Wide selection of  guide books such as preparing for a driver's test or learning another language.

  • Book a librarian, who can help you with most reference questions, such as writing a resume, learning how to use a computer/mobile device, or even help with research.

If there is a book you want that your library does not have, talk to your librarian and they can get the book sent over from another library. Librarians are a great resource, they have knowledge on many subjects, and are always happy to help!