Parks and Recreation

A Park is a free place where people can go to enjoy the outdoors and use the parks amenities. There are many different parks in Allentown that offer things like playgrounds, pools, basketball courts and much more. Make sure to be respectful of the park's rules. It is illegal to smoke cigarettes at the parks and you must pick up all of your trash.

  1. Arts Park

    1. Location: north-west corner of 5th and Court Streets

    2. Features: has lunchtime concerts in the summer

  2. Bucky Boyle Park

    1. Location: N. Front Street

    2. Features: playground, spray park, baseball and football fields, basketball courts, restrooms and a pavilion available for rentals.

  3. Canal Park

    1. Location: E Walnut St/S Albert St

    2. Features: Bike & Boat Trips

  4. Cedar Beach Park

    1. Located between Hamilton Blvd and Linden Street

    2. Features: four lighted basketball courts, two beach and two hard volleyball courts, the 1,900 sq. ft. Destination Playground, and the popular municipally-operated Cedar Pool

  5. East Side Reservoir

    1. Location: E Union St, Allentown, PA 18109

    2. Features: Picnic tables, grills

  6. Fountain Park

    1. Location: S. 10th Street

    2. Features:three baseball/softball fields, two basketball courts, one soccer field, and a playground

  7. Franklin Park

    1. Location: North Franklin St. and North 14th St

    2. Features: community garden run by St. Stephen's Outreach Center, a pavilion, exercise equipment and a playground.

  8. Andre Reed Park

    1. Location: Beside Louis E. Dieruff High School

    2. Features: 2 baseball/softball fields, 2 lighted basketball courts, 4 lighted tennis courts, one multi-use field, a municipally-operated pool, and a playground.

  9. Ithaca Play Lot

    1. Location:off Ithaca St. between 30th St. SW and 31st St. SW

    2. Features: playgrounds

  10. Jackson Street Park

    1. Location: 9th & Jackson Streets

    2. Features: a pavilion with picnic tables, walking paths, benches and a playground.

  11. Jordan Park

    1. Location: 6th St. and Sumner Ave in Allentown

    2. Features: a municipal pool, a picnic grove area, a playground, three baseball fields, two basketball courts, 1 football field, 1 volleyball court, and 4 handball courts.

  12. Keck Park

    1. Location: Off of S. Brook St and E Mosser St

    2. Features: a pavilion, 1 baseball field, 1 practice field, 1 basketball court with lights, 2 handball courts, and 1 soccer/football field.

  13. Lehigh Parkway

    1. Location:  Behind the Queen City Municipal Airport off of I-78.

    2. Features:  include trails, bridle path, disc golf, fishing, and restrooms

  14. Li’l-Le’Hi Trout Nursery

    1. Location: 2901 Fish Hatchery Rd

    2. Features: Tours of Nursery, Ponds with fish

  15. Malcolm Gross Rose Garden

    1. Location: between Hamilton Street & Linden Street

    2. Features: 1.3 mile walking loop is a great way to exercise, and features a smaller loop with 10 Wellness Stations, designed with exercise equipment for ages 50 & older. Three pavilions are located off of Honochick Drive

  16. Percy Ruhe Park

    1. Location:1519 Oxford Dr

    2. Features: Four baseball/softball fields, three football fields, three lighted basketball courts, restrooms and a playground.

  17. Roosevelt Park

    1. Location: between South Filmore St. and South Woodward St

    2. Features: a playground, one baseball field, two lighted basketball courts, four tennis courts, and restrooms.

  18. South Mountain Reservoir

    1. Location: S 10th St, Allentown, PA 18103

    2. Features: picnic tables, pavilions and grills

  19. Stevens Park

    1. Location:  intersection of Tilghman & 6th Streets

    2. Features: playground, basketball court and pavilion

  20. Trexler Memorial Park

    1. Location: Off of Springhouse Road

    2. Features: grassy areas, trails, bicycling, and restrooms. Trexler is also one of our LifeTrail Club walking paths.

  21. Union Terrace Park

    1. Location: Union St/S St. Elmo St, near Union Terrace Elementary School

    2. Features: a large amphitheater, a pond, one softball field, a picnic grove with a grill, and restrooms

  22. Valania Park

    1. Location: off Union St. between William St. and South 6th St.

    2. Features: Playground, basketball court, picnic tables

  23. Walden Terrace

    1. Location:off South Carbon St. and South Lumber St.

    2. Features: playground

  24. West Park

    1. Location: between W Linden St and W Turner St

    2. Features: grassy space, trails, fountains,  restrooms, and band shell