Pharmacies are locations you can go to have your Doctor written prescriptions filled to get your medicine. You can drop off the prescription and wait for it to be filled or come back later to get the medicine. Pharmacies have over the counter medicines that work for the common cold and minor injuries. Over the counter medicines are medicines that do not require a prescription. They can be bought at the pharmacy at any time. Medicines that require a prescription cannot be bought without a doctor signed order. Pharmacies sell products that may be needed around the home such as cleaning supplies and basic groceries. Pharmacists can answer any questions about medicines you may be taking and they can help you find the suitable over the counter medicine for your needs. Many pharmacies are stand alone, but there can also be pharmacies in larger stores such as Wegmans or Target.

    Wegmans Pharmacy 3900 Tilghman Street Allentown PA

    CVS Pharmacy 1802 Lehigh Street Allentown PA

    Rite Aid Pharmacy 1401 Tilghman Street Allentown PA