Youth Services

There are many different services offered to young kids in Allentown. Each group offers a different kind of support for kids whether it be academically, socially or athletically. These groups include ALPHA, Girls on the Run, Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters.


  • ALPHA is a program at Pinebrook Family Answers for youth on probation. They have academic instruction and preparations for GED testing. They offer parenting classes and a training program that helps youths get ready for future jobs. Go to their website to learn more!


  • Girls on the Run is a program that works with girls ages 8 to 13 and helps them to see their worth and power through education and physical activity. Go to their website to learn more!


  • The Boys and Girls Club works with young people to help them become the best version of themselves. The club offers different programs to educate the kids and to keep them out of trouble. The club works with the overall development of the child and works to help them reach their full potential. Go to their website to learn more!


  • Big Brothers Big Sisters is a school based program that pairs a young student with an older student who wills serve as a mentor to them. This mentor will become their friend but will also be there to talk with the student, help them with social issues and work with them on their school work. Go to their website to learn more!